I’m Tracy Lowry, a cut flower and dahlia grower in Northwest Connecticut where I live with my husband John and our Black Lab, Rebel. John shares my love of flowers and is an amazing supporter of my passion. He works alongside me and is my partner in every aspect of this adventure.

I’ve raised two families who are grown and living their own lives happily now and my lifelong love of flowers beckoned me to create a new career for myself.

I planted 700 Dahlia tubers my first year along with 1800 seedlings of cut flowers and that was the beginning of the rest of my life! 

Working outside in the gardens has been a rewarding and positive experience. It has been tons of hard work too. Every day I wake up excited for the task at hand and I find working in nature immensely invigorating. 

My favorite light of the day for strolling through and viewing Dahlias and Flower beds is directly before sunset. This hour is called Golden Hour. Hence, “Golden Hour Dahlias” is the name I gave my Dahlia and Flower growing business.

I’ll be selling U-Pick buckets of blooms by appointment only from July through October in 2023. Message me on Instagram for appointments and more detailed information in advance.

I will be selling dahlia tubers soon so look for announcements coming up on Instagram, Facebook and on my website.

Happy Gardening!!

Tracy Lowry
Golden Hour Dahlias, LLC
New Milford, Ct.