Golden Hour Dahlia Seedlings

Seedlings are dahlias grown from seed that produce “New” dahlia varieties.

Tubers always produce a clone of that tuber variety.

Golden Hour Dahlias will be growing seedlings of our own new Dahlia varieties each year. We will choose our favorites and grow them on for several years before offering them to the public.

We harvest seed two different ways:

1) Through “open- pollination” which is done by the bees.

2) By Hand pollination where we select the varieties with traits we’d like to replicate in our new blooms. This can be a combination of Color, Size, Stem strength and length, Height, Vase life, Growing habit, Resistance to disease, and Tuber production. We will grow on our chosen favorites for a few years so that we can be sure of the quality and consistency of the blooms. We also need to build up tuber inventory so that we can offer them for sale to our fellow gardeners.

We will share photos of our contenders as we select them.